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Whereas, I was never raped in college, I was raped over and over by my stepfather as a child. And, if you so choose to spend 20 minutes of your life putting your pecker where it isn’t welcome, then those 20 minutes of YOUR doing is something that will alter the course of your life. I’m not even hinting at the thought that you would EVER even think about this, I’m simply letting you know where I stand should this ever happen. I know most mothers wouldn’t give that advice to their sons, but, then again, I am not most mothers. I will always have your back, but if you take away something from a woman that she will never get back, I won’t have your back. I know this is extreme but I simply can’t take one more parent excusing their child’s behavior. Before any breasts are placed in the cold compress, she has to do her due diligence and ask me serious questions. Each breast is squeezed so tightly that I start to cringe. Not sure how my ass is related to my breast but it was an automatic reaction. Trust me when I say I was completely out of my comfort zone today. ” The not so obvious, have you been in contact with MERS-Co V? It’s apparently some middle eastern virus that affects you, the cold compress or the middle east. Again, I don’t speak Hmong so I probably don’t have it. As she places each breast in the cold compress, I tell her this is clearly a 2 person job. But she is good and obviously knows what she is doing. She stands behind some sort of protective barrier and starts punching buttons. I am fully aware that I use humor as a defense mechanism for when I am clearly out of my comfort zone.

I always thought being short was different for a girl. Sometimes, the best gift we can give our children is confidence. I can only hope his confidence will sustain him through these middle school years. (Imagine a guy having to put his testicles in the compress. It’s like a cold compress with the same crushing power as Jaws. The technologist, as she is called, (not technician–clearly there is a difference–don’t ask me as I don’t know the difference) looks at me like I’m crazy when ask her if I can take a picture of this process. She says, “That’s one I’ve never heard before.” She has heard it all I suppose. I’m just praying she hits the right button and it stops before my breasts become real pancakes. She informs me that she must flatten it where the tissue is evenly distributed.

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