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Fat and horney hook up

boy toy for the ladys of missouri if your near independence mo and love to watch are play with a 7 inch hard cock monday - friday 8am to around 2 pm i will stroke it for you are you can stroke it for me and if you just get so wet and horny and cant take it no more i will even fuck the pretty little wet pussy are ass if needed be billy all ladys welcome to call for more info and most ask is it free yes all free if your just looking for a nice massage i love the feel of a warm ladys body in my hot hands I like to crossdress and get fucked in my ass by my girlfriend.

he started making me take a chemical castration pills that he sent me UPS he made me open it up on webcam and beg over and over again to take the pills so my clit would shrink and not get hard again.

Wether or not im gay because of this fantasy doesnt really bother me.

Problem is, im too much of a chickenshit to make that gigantic of a step into "deviance". and i wouldnt want to lose all my friends and hurt my family over something that might not even work out.

or he said he will email everyone on my contacts list [email protected]

COM your boss, your parents, and your x wife , all the pics of you sucking all those cucks and swallowing all that cum, do you under stand sissy faggotthen after 14 months my master made me sell my house real quick to a guy he called and sent all my info too about my house he made me meet him dressed like a sissy hooker in my own house while he watched on web cam i had to sign every paper where it said my name i had to sign both names then i had to suck him off and let him fuck me bareback and sign the last paper as he shot his cum deep in my hole and then go to the bank and send all 300,000 dollars to his bank account every penny then in 2 weeks i had to move into a lowrent apt he picked out on the web in the black part of town,and i was to openly be a gay white sissy there and never lock my front door ever, no drapes all windows unlocked, he made me sell or give away all my furnature bedroom set , kitchen table , tv, everything in my old house was gone , everything I didn't sell I had to rent a big dumpster and he hired a couple of guys to totally clean out the rest of my house while I was at work and all my pictures family photos everything was now gone . he wanted everything in my run down apt to be totally girlie and femine, and only furnature I can have is a couple of lawn chairs and a pink girlie bedroom set , with pink sheets and bed spread , he then made me start putting in applacations in at girlie jobs and the gaybars putting my new name sissy pattie swallows on every form until i got hired as a waiter at the gay bar down the street from my new apt i had to walk to work every night and then walk home after every night. I had my share of girls before I got married, and I never had trouble finding one, but since I got married, I never cheated on my wife.

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he waited till i got the form and then he said to start filling out the form and wear it says new legal name he made me put SISSY PATTIE SWALLOWS .