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16 year age difference dating

On the other hand if I were totally looking hot for my age at that age and younger guys were hitting on me, then who knows...I guess it depends on how you feel, look, act, etc...My husband is 6 years and 9 months older than I am, by the way. I'm not saying any of that should apply to everyone, that's just me. I've known 50 years old men and women who act as though they are 18, while I've known 18 year olds who are very mature and intelligent for their age.While it helps to have someone in your age bracket within 5 years or so, it's not uncommon to see happy couples who are 20 years apart.Within our relationship, it doesn't seem like a big difference. Now that I'll be 40, I really can't see myself dating anyone more than 10-12 years older than me now.

When I was 20, I thought that people should not live past 30 - what's the use of those old people? I also didn't think I could date any large age difference.I can't imagine with that age gap though that you have very much in common.For me, personally, I could never have been with someone who was old enough to be my father (so around 13 years older).When people see them together I suspect they think he is her father.He disagrees and says he looks 40 and so people just assume they are a couple.

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Einstein gave us the theory of relativity; we thrive on agreement.